Module Six

Module 6
Organizational Information Systems

Manager’s Research and Development,
Discussion, assignment and Quiz

Grading Criteria for Module 6 Assignment 

Chapter 8 from Introduction to Information Systems

PowerPoint Presentation

Supplement to November 4, 2008 Notes

Manager’s research and development: How to publish your project, what are the criteria and how to go
Discuss ways that you can publish your work in academic or managerial journals

Write a page report analyzing 10 to 20 manager resumes

Quiz 3 Build a Payroll Worksheet (Hourly based salary) For a Company Using Excel

Exercise with Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheets

PowerPoint Presentation Prepared by Dr. Ebrahimi

Sample Payroll Excel Sheet

Courtesy of: Maggie Gajda

Module 6 – Class Notes
These are class notes taken by a student I had a previous semester that correspond with your assignment for this module. They are not necessary but some students find them helpful. 

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